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Luca Rancy is an italian urban artist, award-winning designer, illustrator.

Graduated at Politecnico di Milano, he studied graphic design, interior design, advertising and fashion industry.

Born in Milan in 1990. Since he was a child grow his approach to creativity with his first sketches comics with related stories.

Even the elementary continues his creative path that led him to choose how to address the artistic high school, which provides the basis of his art, heavily based on the street and social issues.

With studies at the Politecnico of Milan in Design, interior and communication, he evolves his street language with a fine approach and linked to the concept process typical of design.

Appreciated street artist of the Milan scene, among the most representative national graffiti writer, showing among many exhibitions, at the Milan Triennale (2006 and 2011) and the PAC / GAM. Among the many collaborations, those with Elio Fiorucci (2011 and 2012), Ozmo, 2501, Luca Barcellona, Zedz and many others.

Brand featuring:

Mercedes, AcMilan, Nike, Puma, RAI, Redbull, Pattex, Molotow, Posca, Heineken, Desperados, Espolon, Replay, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, etc.

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